Got Coconut Milk?

Dog and cat licking coconut milk canMany have told us they are having trouble finding Natural Value Coconut Milk in stores or on Amazon recently. The bad news: our organic and natural Coconut Milk supplier is experiencing a shortage on non-BPA tin plate, which they use for canning our product. The good news: we have ordered extra shipments, which are on the way! When the “ship comes in”, we expect to catch up on all the delayed orders by the end of July.

Going forward, we are now regularly importing non-BPA tin cans every 2 weeks, and do not expect any future supply problems. Thank you for your patience!

39 thoughts on “Got Coconut Milk?

  1. I have been purchasing your organic coconut milk on amazon for months and it has become unavailable. This is the only coconut milk my wife and I can use because all others contain guar gum which we are both allergic to. If there is any way to buy it again please let us know.

  2. Natural Value organic coconut milk is out of stock on Amazon. Where else can I buy it? Vitacost doesn’t seem to have it either. Thanks.

  3. Just found your products via a search for “guar gum” free coconut milk. Can you please share your listed ingrediants and the origin of the coconut? Many thanks!

    • Thank you for asking us, Carol! Our coconut milk ingredients are coconut and water. Nothing else added. No gums or stabilizers. It is a product of the Philippines.

      • Does the “gum free” also apply to the Organic version of the coconut milk? I believe it used to contain gum, but there are no ingredients listed on the website. Thanks!

  4. Why can’t we freeze your coconut milk? I normally freeze leftover coconut milk in ice trays .. But, it says not to freeze on your can of milk?

  5. Hi! I’m wondering why your ingredients say “coconut extract” Is this an artifical flavor or something like vanilla extract? or is the actual coconut milk?

  6. I could not find a detailed nutritional facts of the coconut milk. E.g., how much iron, zinc, and other minerals and vitamins per serving?

  7. I would like to know what exactly is the coconut extract you list in your ingredients. Is it an artificial flavoring or is it just the coconut meat and water? Why not just list coconut and water, why extract?

  8. I had posted a question earlier and do not see my response. So I would like to ask again. The ingredients you list in your coconut milk says “coconut extract”, what is that? I know you mention above its just coconut and water but why list as extract? Is this a flavoring you add and is this flavoring chemically derived?

  9. Most of the online sites listed on your site as a supplier of Natural Value coconut milk do not carry it, nor do the stores listed for my zip code. Whole Foods and Sprouts do not carry it. I’ve been ordering it from Amazon, but the past 3 cases I’ve gotten from them – the milk has been all separated and almost looks curdled. When I put it in the blender, it doesn’t blend together and smooth out, but it stays in little pieces. I don’t think it is supposed to do that – it never used to come that way – it was smooth and would blend up creamy. Please let me know.

    • I have experienced the same thing, gray, grainy tasteless crap. Now I see the ingredients are “coconut EXTRACT” not plain coconut. What is extract?

  10. I bought three cans of your Natural Value coconut milk from two different stores (a Co-op and Whole Foods) and in all cans the coconut was grainy and slightly grayish in color and the milk separated. Is that normal? I tried blending the milk in the blender but it still separated. Any tips as to why this happened? Those stores where I purchased the milk are not close to my house so I can’t run to them to get a refund every time I open a bad can. If this is normal please tell me how to work around it, if not then I guess I won’t spend any more money on your product.

  11. What is the difference between natural coconut milk & organic? Are coconuts treated with pesticides? Are there traces of pesticides in the non-organic one? Are either of them GMO’d? Just trying to decide if the organic is worth the extra cost, as I know with some produce it’s not. Thanks for your help!

  12. Hi,

    Would you know if your coconut milk is processed in a facility that does not also process tree/peanuts?

    Thank you

  13. I have a coconut milk popsicle I make and was wondering if I’ll still be able to make it with your coconut milk since it says not to freeze.


    • Hi Tammy,

      Perhaps by now you’ve gone ahead and tried your recipe with our coconut milk. If so, how did it turn out? Because we use no additives in our coconut products, freezing can cause separation. I’ve personally had success using our coconut milk and cream in frozen recipes, so I’d say give it a try! Just be aware that freezing could cause the milk to separate in your popsicles.

  14. hi, are you still sourcing your coconut from Philippines only at this time? And what percentage of your product is coconut? Some reviews said it was runny. I plan to order the natural bpa free from amazon.

    • Hi Marisa,

      We do still source our coconut from the Philippines, as we like to stick with manufacturers who we feel turn out quality products. We offer three different consistencies of coconut milk: the “Lite” milk with 5-7% milkfat, the “Regular” milk with 17-19% milkfat, and the “Cream” with 20-22% milkfat. The higher % milkfat, the more coconut was used in the coconut-to-water ratio. Thus, our coconut cream has a much thicker consistency than our Lite coconut milk. We use no stabilizers, preservatives, color additives, or thickeners in any of our coconut products. I hope this is helpful to you!

  15. You need to expand your distribution and list the grocery chains that carry your product on your website. Consumers don’t want to contact your “distributors”. Consumers want to buy from major supermarket chains close to their home.

  16. I am contacting you because in my experience there has been a flavor change along with the new look of your organic coconut milk cans? Can you please explain this? It seems as if the previous version had higher content of coconut extract and was more solidified. It had more flavor while this is very bland.

    Thank you.

    August of 2015

  17. The product has changed also in the new label cans!!The Natural Value coconut milk now simply does not work. I have a recipe for a soup that I would use ONE can of your previous coconut milk. I tried to make it with the new milk, even 3 cans and reducing the milk by simmering, it did NOT have a nice coconut taste. I think you will slowly lose ALL your old customers, and no new customers will be satisfied with this NOT coconutty product you are now canning. Oh well…SO VERY DISSAPPOINTING

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