Got Coconut Milk?

Dog and cat licking coconut milk canMany have told us they are having trouble finding Natural Value Coconut Milk in stores or on Amazon recently. The bad news: our organic and natural Coconut Milk supplier is experiencing a shortage on non-BPA tin plate, which they use for canning our product. The good news: we have ordered extra shipments, which are on the way! When the “ship comes in”, we expect to catch up on all the delayed orders by the end of July.

Going forward, we are now regularly importing non-BPA tin cans every 2 weeks, and do not expect any future supply problems. Thank you for your patience!

6 thoughts on “Got Coconut Milk?

  1. Just found your products via a search for “guar gum” free coconut milk. Can you please share your listed ingrediants and the origin of the coconut? Many thanks!

    • Thank you for asking us, Carol! Our coconut milk ingredients are coconut and water. Nothing else added. No gums or stabilizers. It is a product of the Philippines.

  2. Why can’t we freeze your coconut milk? I normally freeze leftover coconut milk in ice trays .. But, it says not to freeze on your can of milk?

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