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Jody and I started Natural Value in 1995 with 25 products, and a mission to make natural and organic foods, and environmentally friendly non-foods, affordable.

We grew in size over the years. We added products, lost some, and have close to 200 now.  We have 28 vendors and suppliers, and we are looking to add 20 more who will supply us with another 150 products.


We do business a little differently than most companies. We find one producer in each product category and stick with them. No searching for the lowest price – we want quality products at a good price.  We really and truly believe in partnerships.

For the first 14 years, we did everything ourselves. My oldest daughter helped out for a while but her interests were in other areas.

After Jody had a life-altering illness in December 2008, we realized we couldn’t handle everything ourselves anymore. Natural Value has grown beyond just the two of us, and we couldn't do it all without our amazing employees, meet our team.

Gary and Jody Cohen

Team News

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Pamela Gifford as the Chief Operating Officer of Natural Value Inc. Pamela joined Natural Value almost four years ago and has progressively advanced through positions in both the Administration and the Operations of the company. She has played a key role in all aspects of the company, including our upcoming transition to our newly acquired digital sales system, plus marketing and technology. Pamela is a “Jill of all Trades.” She brings a wealth of experience in customer service, customer solutions, sales, personnel, and operations.

Please join us in welcoming Pamela to her new role and congratulating her on her promotion.

Our Mission

We developed Natural Value because we felt that we could find and deliver premium quality natural and planet-friendly products to the marketplace in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. To that end, we’ve managed to streamline the distribution process and lower the cost of living well. Our goal is not to woo Wall Street with large profit margins. It is to reward your commitment to living responsibly with lower prices on natural products. We prefer a business model where everyone, including you, profits.

We started Natural Value in 1995 with 25 products and one compelling mission: to make natural and organic foods and environmentally friendly nonfood products more affordable.

We believe in the concept of fair trade. We are proud to say we were trading fairly before it became popular. We pick a manufacturer, pay them a fair price, and then stick with them. We don’t shop around for packers just to save a few cents and we aren’t moving our manufacturing business to China. The quality you buy from us today is the same quality we will have next week, next month, and next year.

We’re a family that’s been doing this for a long time, since 1995. We don’t have a plan to sell out or change how we operate. This works for us. We especially want to help independent retail stores. We know consumers have more shopping choices than ever before.

We want to help stores stay competitive by offering a fairly priced center of the store. We allow stores to offer their customers the exact same canned beans or toilet paper or mustard for half the price of our competitors. We are confident this will increase the share of the basket for stores who carry our products.

We take pride in the products we provide and guarantee them. We test all of our products ourselves. We are never going to sacrifice quality for the price; that just isn’t our style.

We offer quality products at great prices. We are passionate about what we do. We are straightforward. We’re going to keep doing what we are doing because we love it and we believe it is important.

Meet the Natural Value Team


Pamela Gifford

Chief Operating Officer


Ana Gutierrez

Sales Associate


Christina Jenkins

Buyer & Order Desk

Sales Support


Alyssa Taylor

Finance & Importing



Rachelle Marable

Human Resource & Finance Associate


Lindsay Peters

Warehouse Operations Associate


Lauren Blanton

Operations Associate


Dawn Cillino

Product Development

& Graphic Designer


Rachel Nedic

Independent Graphic Designer


Isaiah Jenkins

Warehouse Operations Associate

New Hire

Warehouse Operations

Natural Value Food Program


Natural Value proudly supports local outreach programs like Loaves and Fishes and aligns with one or more of our giving platforms. We care about our entire community, and we're dedicated to supporting programs in which help people to help themselves and each other.

Our food program is 100% run by the Nature Value team supporting local businesses and communities in and around the Sacramento area.

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