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About Us

Natural Value is committed to offering the highest-quality natural, organic, and eco-friendly products at affordable prices. Our journey began in 1995 as a husband and wife team. We founded this business from our home with one mission - to make natural products more accessible. As an independent business, we continue to take great pride in our uncompromising dedication to sourcing only the best products for our customers. 

Today, we work with 28 vendors and offer over 130 products. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and thankful to our amazing customers and employees who have helped us get here. 

Join us in our mission to Live Well and Spend Less.

Natural Value Founders; Gary and Jody Cohen

Grocery Price Inflation Concerns

How small manufacturers are trying to keep food costs down

ABC Ch. 7  Bay Area,

JR Stone interview with Gary Cohen

Our Quality Standards

With years of experience in the industry, Natural Value has been developing its customer relationships across the US as a top local supplier of Organic and Non-Organic Foods and Eco-friendly Products. We are mindful of our planet, and our long-term plan includes shrinking our footprint by expanding our sustainable product offerings.


We are known for our fair prices and product offerings, so you can trust that our products are of the highest quality. Contact us to become another satisfied customer.

Our Team

Sacramento, California


At Natural Value, we believe in giving back to our community. That's why we proudly support local outreach programs that align with our giving platforms. Our food program is 100% run by the Natural Value team, supporting local businesses and communities in and around the Sacramento area. We care about our community and programs that help people to help themselves.

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