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Live Well. Spend Less.

natural, organic, and green-friendly products made more affordable

Welcome to Natural Value 

Discover Natural Value, a family-owned business since 1995. We pride ourselves on making Natural, Organic, and Green-friendly products more affordable, and we thrive on helping independents. We are known for our fair prices and product offerings, so you can trust our products are of the highest quality.


Live well and Spend Less with Natural Value! 

New Product Alert - Natural Value Sisal Scrubber Sponge


Sisal Scrubber Sponges

Plant-Based Scrubber Sponges: The Cleaning Power of Nature

Natural Value Paper Products
A+ Rating by the NRDC

Read the NRDC 2023 Report

NRDC Sustainability Product Report - Natural Value A+ Rating for Paper Products

 Natural Value  A+ Rating  

Your Favorite Paper Products made the grade again

A Buyer's Guide to Sustainability at Home

Paper Products


Natural Value

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Five Delicious Ways to
a Happy Cat's Heart

Tuna n' Topping Grain-free cat food has real meat with all the essential nutrients and protein to keep your fur baby happy. Five different varieties with no by-products or fillers.

Natural Value Tuna n' Toppings Grain Free Gourmet Cat Food
Natural Value Tuna n' Toppings Cat Food

Tuna n' Toppings 
Grain-free Gourmet
Cat Food

Natural Value Sriracha Sauce.jpg

Your Chips,
Our Sriracha Sauce.


Natural & Organic Choices
For a Healthy Lifestyle

We are committed to offering quality products to our customers quickly and easily. Our catalog has over 130 products across categories from healthy groceries to eco-friendly and stainable living and pet food. View our product catalog for healthy solutions.

Grocery bag with Natural Value Products

Ordering from Natural Value

Customers can order everything they need in less time. The best way to replenish your store or pantry with Natural Value items has never been easier. 

Natural Value Compostable Dryer Sheets

Say Hello to Static-Free Freshness

Natural Value Dryer Sheets are Dye-free, and Non-toxic, leaving your clothes smelling fresh without static.

Perfect for sensitive skin. 

A Wide Variety of Best Sellers

Natural Value products are available for distributors, retailers, restaurants, food prep services, and consumers. Discover the Difference

Shopping at the Grocery Store

Stock Your Shelves with Natural Value

At Natural Value, you get the best quality products for a good price. Discover your next favorite products here. 

Natural Value Organic Pasta Sauce.jpg

Find a Local Retailer

We make it easy to find your favorite Natural Value items. Our retail locator has numerous stores across the US. Buy quality products near you.

Natural Value Baby Wipes

Soft & Plush
Baby Wipes

Made with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Your baby deserves only the best. Our Natural Value Baby Wipes are unscented and made with your baby in mind. Free of chlorine, ethanol, dyes, fragrances, parabens, and formaldehyde.


Safe for sensitive skin. 

Natural Value Organic Maple Syrup

Natural Value Products

are available at


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Ordering from Natural Value in 2 minutes

or less

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What is guar gum?

Guar gum is a thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier of certain foods like coconut products, almond milk, yogurts, soups, fiber supplements, and body lotions. Guar gum has some benefits and can improve the texture of foods, on the other hand, like other emulsifiers added to many processed foods, guar gum may trigger digestive issues for some people.

Natural Value retail coconut products do not contain guar gum.

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